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We have been doing this for a minute, and there is a lot to see.

Timecode:NOLA - Ep. 705

In Episode 5, Timecode packs in as much as you can handle with films and videos including “The Funeral Band” by Nicholas Manuel Pino followed by an interview with Nicholas, “Hypnagogia” by Arvid Cristina followed by an interview with Arvid, the film “She’s Out of This World” by Lloyd Moffet, the Super-8 music video “Outer Sex” by Todd Voltz and The Green Demons, “Why Smoothie” by Ben Long and Josh Huval with an interview from the fellas, and “5 Important Chores…” by Erin Allen.

Timecode:NOLA Full Episodes

Timecode:NOLA’s inception was as a New Orleans cable television program in 2003.  The show was a compilation of short films, and interviews with emerging filmmakers, pulling into focus the independent spirit and process.