Timecode:NOLA | EP. 110

Timecode:NOLA | EP. 110

Episode ten, featuring a preview of “All On A Mardi Gras Day” by Royce Osborn, followed by an interview with Royce, “Lucid” by Timothee Hammond, “The Spirits Choose Whom They Will” and “Spider Bite” by George Ingmire along with an interview with George, and “Heavy Brass” by Paul Grass. Also included is a short music video by Ethan Anderson for “The Madness Remix”.

“Ash Wednesday” Cold Open by Aaron Rushin

“All On A Mardi Gras Day” preview directed by Royce Osborn, followed by an interview with Royce – All on a Mardi Gras Day celebrates black Carnival in New Orleans in all its riotous, colorful and spiritual glory. Incorporating classic New Orleans music, previously-unseen photographs and film footage, and interviews with major Carnival players, the film explores African-Creole Carnival traditions. These celebrations date from colonial times, through Reconstruction and Jim Crow – and into the 21st century.

“Lucid” directed by Timothee Hammond – Based on the writings of psychologist Carl Jung and his theories on dreams, a young man has the opportunity to view himself at different life stages and interact with various archetypes. 

“The Madness Remix” directed by Ethan AndersonMusic Video for the Remix of the song “The Madness” by Ethan Anderson

“The Spirits Choose Whom They Will” directed by George Ingmire followed by an interview with George –  Voudou Priestess Sallie Ann Glassman discusses and performs voudou ceremonies.

“Heavy Brass” by Paul GrassIn a world where people communicate through musical instruments, a trio of sousaphone players terrorize the locals.

“Spider Bite” by George IngmireA man with a spider bite visits a local healer for help.