Timecode:NOLA | EP. 107

Timecode:NOLA | EP. 107

Episode seven, featuring “The Green Sheik by Cosmo Segurson, preceded by an artistic phone interview with his mother, “A Simple Question” by Aaron Rushin, the “Real Job” music video from the band Jai Alai directed by Jason Affolder, and the trailer for the film “Tale of a Phoenix” by Damon Cart followed by an interview with Damon. Also included is a piece on the 15th Annual New Orleans Film Festival.

“Tourists” Cold Open by Aaron Rushin

“The Green Sheik” directed by Cosmo Segurson preceded by an interview with Cosmo’s mother – A junk-yard worker’s mundane life changes when he finds a magical scooter. 

“Timecode:NOLA on…” featuring various filmmakers  speaking about the 15th Annual New Orleans Film Festival. 

“A Simple Question” directed by Aaron RushinA couple walks to an art opening discussing their relationship and discover secrets about one another.

Trailer for “Tale of a Phoenix” followed by an interview with Director Damon Cart

“Real Job” by Jason Affoldermusic video for the song “REAL JOB” by Jai Alai from their album DRIVE SAFE.