Timecode:NOLA | EP. 701

Timecode:NOLA - Ep. 701 (2023)

We’re Back! The very first episode of Timecode:NOLA Season 7! Films include “Moriah” by Nathan Tape, along with an interview with Nathan and the trailer to his feature film “OFF RAMP”, Kenny Lass’s “Klip-Klopping”, as well as a chat with Kenny, “Old Crows” by Jason Affolder, who also joins us to discuss his film, and “Scare BNB”, a short by Director Lizzie Guitreau. 

“Where Y’at?” Cold Open by Randy Perez “Moriah” directed by Nathan Tape followed by an interview with Nate – In the 70’s in the Deep South, an estranged son is violently reunited with his father against his will. 

“OFF RAMP” trailer directed by Nathan Tape – A couple of lovable, degenerate Juggalos must sojourn through America’s hellish underbelly to The Gathering of the Juggalos, the one place on earth they feel accepted. 

“Klip-Klopping” by Kenny Lass followed by an interview with Kenny – A reporter is trolled online after publishing a controversial article – and the harassment escalates as it moves closer and closer to home. 

“Old Crows” directed by Jason Affolder – Chuck, a cranky Vietnam veteran, is content to drink the days away until he meets a young writer named Roxanne who brings new purpose to his meager existence. A study of regret, hope, and the sad beauty of broken things. 

“ScareBNB” directed by Lizzie Guitreau – A professional team of ghost hunters get a call at a haunted Airbnb