Timecode:NOLA | EP. 111

Timecode:NOLA | EP. 111

Episode eleven, featuring “Employee Dang” by Corey Fortune, followed by an interview with Corey and Timecode legend Geoff Douville (1976-2020), “The Chaos Hags” by Courtney Egan, and “Imagine” by Jason D. Williams. Also included is an interview with Tim Hammond and Liz Coulon on Louisiana Casting.

“Open” Cold Open by Dave Orsborn

“Timecode:NOLA on…” featuring Tim Hammond and Liz Coulon talking about their casting company, Louisiana Casting.

“Employee Dang” directed by Corey Fortune followed by an interview with Corey and Geoff Douville – Dang, who runs a New Orleans cleaning and t-shirt printing establishment was forced to confront his cultural values and familial difficulties when challenged by the demands of a young black thug and his buddies.

 “The Chaos Hags” directed by Courtney Egan – The Chaos Hags cackle, shriek, giggle, cry, and sigh—they call forth the female stereotype, pushed to an extreme and exaggerated. Body parts from film and television actresses are “sampled” and composited into Frankenstein’s monster-like creatures that perform a variety of actions, all generally futile, yet cathartic. These experimental digital animations are visual metaphors for psychological states of mind, body sensations and memories.

 “Imagine” by Jason D. Williams followed by an interview with Jason – A child dreams of soaring like the birds.