Timecode:NOLA | EP. 105

Timecode:NOLA | EP. 105

Episode Five, featuring an interview with Rene Brunet of The Prytania Theater, Cedric L. Smith’s “Boogey Men”, “Mound Men” by Paul Grass, and a look at New Orleans theaters of the past with Lucy Perez, Sue Campise, Bill Rousell, and the debut of Prince of “D”.

“Old School” Cold Open by Dave Orsborn.

“Timecode:NOLA on…” featuring Rene Brunet speaking about The Prytania Theater

“Goin’ to the Show” featuring Lucy Perez on The Dreamland Show Theater on Elysian Fields.

“Boogey Men” directed by Cedric L. Smith Jr. followed by an interview with Cedric – A man searches for retaliation against the people who attempted to kill him and his wife, and finds that the journey is more bizarre than he could have ever thought.

“Goin’ to the Show” featuring Sue Campise on The Beacon Show Theater on Harrison Ave.

“Goin’ to the Show” featuring Prince of “D” on The Downtown Joy Theater on Canal St., The Pitt on Elysian Fields, Gentilly Woods Mall, Lake Kenilworth Theater, and The East Lake Cinema 8.

“Goin’ to the Show” featuring Rene Brunet on The Prytania Theater

“Mound Men” directed by Paul Grass followed by an interview with Jeremy – Two men trade cardboard sleds and slide down a mound, leading to a comical finale.

“Goin’ to the Show” featuring Bill Rousell on The Tivoli Theater and Lincoln Theater on Washington Ave., The Ritz Theater on Felicity, The Orpheum, and The Saenger Theater during segregation