Timecode:NOLA | EP. 103

Timecode:NOLA | EP. 103

Jam Packed Episode Three, featuring an interview with Joshua Cox of the UNO 3D Animation Program as well as his film “The Fan and the Butterfly, an interview with Fiend about his album and documentary “Mr. Whomp Whomp”, Samuel Hayne Dyche’s “City Park”, “I Like to Watch” by John Yanez, Flicker Film Festival’s Jeremy Campbell talking about the Flicker Film Festival, Tom Gilbert’sfilm “Look Elsewhere”, and “Sweat” by Aaron Rushin.

“Short Ends” Cold Open by Dave Orsborn

“Timecode:NOLA on…” featuring Joshua Cox speaking about the University of New Orleans 3D Animation Program.

“The Fan and the Butterfly” directed by Joshua Cox followed by an interview with Joshua about the film – A very early 3D Animated film about an oscillating fan doing battle with it’s archnemesis, a butterfly.

“Timecode:NOLA on…” featuring Fiend talking about his album and documentary “Mr. Whomp Whomp”

“City Park” directed by Samuel Hayne Dyches – A film about a man questioning whether love was worth more than the music his life revolves around.

“I Like To Watch” directed by John Yanez – A man sits and watches a woman in a park, daydreaming about what could be and why it can’t.

“Timecode:NOLA on…” featuring Jeremy Campbell talking about Flicker Underground Film Fest

“Look Elsewhere” directed by Tom Gilbert – An experimental film.

“Sweat” directed by Aaron Rushin – A man breaks into a house intending to relax and instead sets off a string of events he didn’t expect.