Timecode:NOLA | EP. 101

Timecode:NOLA | EP. 101

The very first episode of Timecode:NOLA! Films include “Her Closet” by Amy Sanderson, along with an interview with Amy, “In Memory of James”, a short by Dir. Will Horton, “Coming Down Fast” by Dir. Michael Long, & “American Dream 1b” by Dir. Laszlo Fulop. Also included are an interview with Renee Broussard about Zeitgeist, and Diary of a Filmmaker featuring Guy Wood.

“Misunderstanding” Cold Open by Aaron Rushin

“Her Closet” directed by Amy Sanderson followed by an interview with Amy – Tim is a young man obsessed with his wife’s secrets and the locked box she keeps that he eventually finds his way inside to discover a strange, hidden place in her mind.

“In Memory of James” directed by Will Horton – A man reads a history of the life of little known musician James Black.

“Timecode:NOLA on…” featuring Renee Broussard speaking about the Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center “Coming Down Fast” directed by Michael Long – A son, believing his father to be the murderer of his mother, meets a man that helps him overcome his fears and do what needs to be done.

“Diary of a Filmmaker”: Guy Wood part 1

“American Dream 1b” directed by Laszlo Fulop – Silent film of a day in the life of a man that takes a very unexpected twist.