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We’re Back! 

Timecode:NOLA is relaunching in its 20th anniversary year, and bringing back the original television show that started it all.  A brand new 7th season is coming soon with new episode live screening premieres, followed by a streaming release on our YouTube channel.

Over the course of the new season, we’ll also re-release vintage Timecode:NOLA seasons in their entirety, Joint Picture Project anthology feature films, and Super 8 One-Reel Challenge films.  We’ll also publish Timecode Presents, a new podcast series featuring conversations with  independent filmmakers and film industry professionals


Timecode Presents is a weekly podcast series featuring guest independent filmmakers & film industry professionals, and hosted by Timecode:NOLA co-creators & producers.  The long format conversations discuss the nuts and bolts of filmmaking.

Making Movie Set Design Come To Life

Making Movie Set Design Come To Life. Film Industry professionals Michelle Lacayo-Harney, Anamarys Perez and Lesley Wells joins the show for a conversation about their careers as Set Dressers in the movie industry. They pull back the curtain on how their department builds out a movie set- the fun and funny intricacies of the work, and the unique challenges of working in lockstep with so many other production departments. Finally, they each tell the origin story of their career in Set Dressing, and convey the kind of character traits, personality and skill sets required for their craft.

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Timecode:NOLA - Season 1 Streaming Now

In 2003, just 20 short years ago, Timecode:NOLA started out as a television program airing in the New Orleans area.  It ran for six seasons and eventually branched out into markets in Austin, Dallas, Destin & Pensacola Florida, Cincinnati, Louisville, and San Diego.  The show’s bread and butter is short films and interviews with the filmmakers highlighting the independent spirit.  Here is the first season in all of its glory.