Talkin’ VHS and Their New Video Store w/ Future Shock Video

On this weeks podcast, Timecode Presents, we talk to the folks at Future Shock Video! Do you remember the days when your cinematic entertainment experience rested squarely on the quality and depth of stock at your local video rental store?  If you count yourself in that number of people who look back on that arrangement with nostalgic fondness, then you’re in luck cuz those days are back. Well sort of… there’s a new physical brick and mortar mom and pop VHS/DVD rental joint called Future Shock Video and we caught up with the owner proprietors Eden Chubb and Aaron Miller and picked their brains about why they set out to do it, how they’re setup and do they have a please be kind and rewind policy. Hosted by Randy Perez and John wood ,here we go.  Catch us on Spotify and Apple Podcasts!