What exactly is Timecode:nola?

Timecode:nola is a non-profit 501c3 organization made up of filmmakers to promote filmmaking. We air short films and filmmaker interviews on television in and around the New Orleans area. We also have an annual film fest showcasing films of all lengths and genres. In addition we do monthly screenings of our show at various venues around to New Orleans.

How do I submit my short film to air on your tv show?

Click on the Submit page and fill out the form along with a link to film on Vimeo or YouTube. If it’s password protected put that on the form as well or we’ll never get to see this thing?

How will I know if I’m accepted?

We’ll send you a congratulatory email if we accept your film to air on our show. You will also be asked to submit a high res version of your film as well as digital files of any publicity stills, posters, artwork, and press (if applicable).

What kind of film can I submit and is there a specific length it needs to be?

We accept films of all genres – documentary, narrative, experimental, music video (filmmaker must have musical rights), and animation. The only requirement is it needs to be under 30 mins and you own the rights to the content in your film.

Will I be interviewed if my film is accepted?

Most likely yes! A signature of our show is not just screening shorts but also filmmaker interviews so we can put a face and an experience to the films we show. We try to get interviews with most of our filmmakers and if can’t get to you we may send you questions & ask you interview yourself!

What is Timecode:nola’s film festival?

Timecode:nola is rolling annual it’s first annual film festival this year FF ONE in September 2012. We will choose a handful of some of the best short films from our tv show to screen in our shorts program. However, FF ONE will screen films of all genres and all lengths.

If I already applied to the Timecode’s tv show, did I have to apply again to Timecode’s film festival to have my film screen there as well?

Yes and No. We will automatically select the best shorts submitted to our tv show to screen in our film festival in September this year. However, if you have a film that’s over 30 mins(which is not eligible to run on our tv show) you can submit it directly to our film festival submission page.

How much does it cost to submit my film Timecode:nola’s tv show?

All submissions to the television show are free.

How much does it cost to submit my film to Timecode:nola’s film fest FF ONE?

Feature Length Films – Narrative and Documentary over 60 mins $50
Short Films – Narrative and Documentary less than 60 mins $25
Music Videos – Less than 10 mins $10
High School/Youth Students – FREE

Please see our FF ONE page for more info